At Sew Know How we provide students with a positive and fulfilling experience in learning to sew and enabling them to be able to make clothes that are practical, useful, fashionable and fit well.

We teach kids from age 8 years through to adults.

Sew Know How provides a variety of classes and workshops to suit.

Sew Know How was born by Jane Gilder’s dream of being able to stay at home with her family while still earning an income.  With over 30 years of sewing experience and a desire to continually learn and develop her craft, Jane loves to share all she knows.

Knowing that sewing is a never ending learning pathway there are many options for the student.  Jane’s classes offer flexibility for each student.  She will work with all levels and ideas.  Each student is able to work on individual projects at their own pace and level.

We aim for you, the student to become an independent, confident sewer.


So book into a class now and LEARN TO SEW!