Term 1

Monday 28th Jan – Fri 12th April

Term 2

Mon 29th April – Fri 5th July

Term 3

Mon 22nd July – Fri 27th Sept

Term 4

Mon 14th Oct – Sat 14th Dec


Sew Know How is an authorised Brother dealer. Anything from sewing machines to sewing accessories ~ we can help you with all things sewing!

Sewing Classes

A Positive Place of Fun, Learning, Friendship and Community

Our sewing classes provide students with a positive and fulfilling experience in learning to sew and enabling them to be able to make clothes that are practical, useful, fashionable and fit well. Pattern Development classes available for teens and adults are run each term. Our aim is to provide sewing classes with quality teaching of all aspects of sewing to people aged 8yrs to adults. ~ with the added bonus of small classes leading to optimal learning opportunities. We will teach you the fundamentals to sewing, which will lead to the ability to create well made garments/items of your choosing. BOOK A CLASS


My girls absolutely LOVE going to class not only to learn amazing skills (sewing, measuring, cutting etc….) but to enjoy the welcoming, safe environment they work in and sooo much fun for them. The garments my girls have made are outstanding.  Jane Gilder has installed qualities in my girls that will stay with them for life, she is not only a sewing teacher but a friend to the girls and myself.

Mary Herman


Fabulous examples of the wide range of clothing being made and worn by the students at Sew Know How.